about me

Julia is an interest juggler.  After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Alberta College of Art & Design in 2006 her head exploded.  This explosion created an opportunity for other interests to sneak in.  Puttering, noise making and drumming became essential to her existence.  She holds profound respect for drummers who can sing while drumming: Phil Collins is a prime example.  Texture started to speak to her in dreams, therefore she naturally decided to knot up her hair.  She could easily write a book about the stories that ensued from that decision.  

There was a nagging coming from somewhere though ... she was concerned about something big.  The ground she walked upon was screaming.  Permaculture found her and her head exploded again.  The second explosion put a bug in her ear.  On November 6, 2010 she had a permablitz in her backyard.  Strangers and friends helped transform her unproductive backyard space into a food forest.

Suddenly she was a mother to a vast array of plants and was actively creating living breathing healthy soil in a backyard that was merely grass before.  Every day her garden teaches her something. 

In the midst of chaos her heart reminds her to make art too.  It comes out mostly in pen and ink drawings and collage.  Old things and paper clippings from second hand stores pull up the bulk of her inspiration. 

Currently she can be found cultivating her art practice, embarking on a variety of illustration projects for earth repair organizations and preparing to teach art lessons in the fall. 

If you see her one day tell her a story.  She loves people and the stories they share with her.   However, If you do not see her (due to visual stimulus overload) send her a message via pigeon carrier, e-mail or good old snail mail with any feedback, questions or heart felt wishes.