February 2013

Studio Progress .......


* * *

So I have been learning that taking your time to do something right is essential.  Patience can be difficult, but enjoying the process is the best freaking part.  And getting your whole arm in a bucket of clay, now that is even better.


last party at the blue house

And what a send off it was.  All the best to you my sister from another mother.  I cannot wait to hear about the new lives you are touching and new adventures you are getting yourself into.


So I must have lived under a rock between 2005-2008 and completely missed the show 'My Name is Earl'.  Oh man, I just think it is super and I knew I was even more in love with Jason Lee's character when he says this to a little dude he is bonding with while helping him not be afraid of the dark:


Alvie: I was wondering… what’s it like having a moustache?

annual mountain toboggan series

essential soul revival = climbing large mountain hill and then tobogganing down

friends who offer you dinner after a snow day are pretty much the best

photo taken in tatenda's hallway