the government wants your feedback yo!


Hi everyone,

We are all busy people these December days:  exams, christmas, socializing and preparations for massive feasts.  There is one thing I would ask you take time to do.  

The Government of Alberta is looking for regional planning public feedback !!!  

What is this?  (Check out the link above and I have also broke it down below for you folks on the go!)  

It is called the Land-Use Framework (currently for the South Saskatchewan Region).  Basically, Alberta's population is estimated to double over the next 50 years (we are currently at 3, 865,817) and the Government is mapping out how to find space within the province for all the things that come along with growth: community design/new home development, recreation, agriculture, transportation infrastructure and natural resource extraction.   We will have to find room to accommodate the growth of our energy sector: more people means the need for more energy produced.  New sites will be used to extract more energy and natural resources, therefore we will have to build new sites and then more roads to get to them.  More people living in Alberta means new roads.  There is a growing trend for Albertans to want to live out of the city on acreages meaning space will fill up fast.  More people equals higher water consumption.  

Where are we all going to recreate?  What will happen to our bio diverse landscape?  How will our wildlife fit into this future?  If we cram all these things in what will our water, air and soil quality look like?  Is this an opportunity to propose new ideas about community design? What about ideas on water harvesting?  Is this an opportunity to think about how we live and the impact of our choices on this province?  What questions and concerns do you have?

YOU have the chance to speak up or write your concerns and show the government what you value.   Share your dreams of what Alberta could look like with the environment, people and a diverse economy based on healthy choices in mind.      

Deadline for feedback is December 21, 2012
PS: You do not have to be an Alberta Resident to do the following!

Ways YOU can contribute:

a/ Fill out their online workbook: .  It is lengthy and sometimes hard to understand. You can fill out all of the workbook or just sections.  Leave sections blank if you do not understand the question(s).

b/ You can write a letter or send an e-mail!  Tell them what you value!  At loss for things to say or need something to get a jump start?
Check out a list of values we came up with during the AWA (Alberta Wilderness Association) meeting on December 11: .

Send your letter to the address below and forward a copy to the Alberta Wilderness Association (

SSRP Phase 2 Workbook
Land Use Secretariat
9th Floor, 10035 – 108 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3E2

You could also send the same letter to:

- Diana McQueen our Environmental and Sustainable Resource Development Minister (
- Your local MLA (find out who your MLA is by going to
- To the editor of your favourite newspaper!

c/ Have a knack with your voice? Call Land Use Alberta toll free at 310-4455!  

d/ Spread the word with the wonders of social media!    

If you got this far thank you for reading.  Hope this finds you cozy and happy this December! 
Let's be the change we want to see in this world!

Love and light,

julia j