untitled* obviously

 dear whom ever reads this jumble of words,

today i do not feel like using capitols in the correct spaces.**  i love when life
stirs you up ... i just seem to get damn inspired to do things.  this seems like an essential
skill.  i have been really confused by things lately.  communication is a strange thing and people can be even stranger, but the biggest lesson here is to just keep on keeping on. and practice not taking things personal.  make weird life scenarios into art pieces.  that is the lesson. 

so in the spirit of creating deadlines i am going to have a piece visible to public social people
or introverted individuals who find themselves at

 music & crafts night @ the AREA  on oct 12
8pm onwards

mossy rock productions &
locomotive ghost

so many crafts you are gonna crap your pants
an art exhibition

ishmael o'krynski
omar and the bear
locomotive ghost
robot workers

so thank you universe. thank you for always giving me interesting stories to share.
until next time.  

* sometimes artists do not know what to title their work.  in fact this is always the case.
** except for in the scanned image above, i felt like using capitols there.