words minus visuals (trying something new)

A lot of thoughts swarm through my head all day.  There always seems to be so much going on, so many things vying for my attention.  There have been times in my life when chunks of time alone were plentiful, but I am experiencing a shortage of this as of late.  I suppose the good thing about this is that when these times arise they are enormous gifts (something to really be savoured) much like eating a piece of rich chocolate for the first time in months.  Just letting it melt on your tongue: like something right out of a movie called Chocolat.  (Note: That film has some real great quotes.)  I was talking to a friend about the need for time and space alone and they countered by noting that maybe society makes us think we need those things to be a balanced human being, when really people craved constant human companionship all the time, as we were in tribes surrounded by others since the start of it all. 

I tend to be the the type of person who really thinks about answering big thought provoking conversations over a couple day span and to that I would say interesting point, however I think time spent alone is necessary for some individuals.  Most of my best creative thinking happens when I am just able to sit and let the thought tank be. 

be empty. 

be allowed to just meander around for thoughts.

  be still. 

be nutty. 



stay up late or get up freaking early. 

sit in it. whatever it is.

I know some people can come up with amazing things while surrounded by a room full of people working in their studios all operating at high speed.  Kudos to them, but some folks need a bit of solo tlc.  With that, whatever you are, roll with it.  There is no shame in how things come to be or what makes you function at 10 being the highest on your personal scale of awesome.

To change topics drastically I have fallen in love with Canadian poetry.  These gems are page turners and the topic changes from one poem to the next.  Light and easy to get into on modes of public transport.  Quite smitten, actually.

And what about the short blurbs at the backs of these beautiful medleys of words, strung together by passionate artistic folks, also know as bios. How fun are those?  

Indulge me while I throw down a few samples: 

Jemima Henningrove writes biographies part time.  She can also be found fondling fruits and vegetables in your favourite local organic market dispensing helpful advice about anything non-job related.  Reading out loud is considered one of her top priorities along side walking under canopies of trees sheltered by snow.  She is currently working on a series of short stories about the secret lives of grocery store clerks who have grand moustaches much like the one Earl Hickey sports in My Name is Earl.    

Tedderelious Barnacle has been making yurts from scratch for over 5 years.  Angelina Jolie was the most recent client to search out his expertise.  When the iron is hot he is driven to write novels about his life living off the grid.  Being one with the elements is crucial to his existence and contrary to popular belief so are sour cream and onion chips.

Flo Fennel would honestly say she has no hypothetical companion plants in her garden.  This lone wolf was selected for the Hunter Award for best 'all around humming' category in 1995.  She holds a Bachelor of Fine Tuning from the University of Nanton.             

  Oh, that was fun.

Thanks for embracing my random things.  And thank you for reading. 

Maybe a few short stories or poems will grace these pages in times to come.

happy page turning,